English 300 - Fall 2004

This is my class journal for Professor Sexson's Critical Theory class.


The Anti-Canon

Ok so speaking of canons....Is it really necessary, once the top 100 (or however many) is established, to argue what ORDER they should be in?

I mean seriously. It comes to a point where it's all subjective. And ordering is an objective thing. You could sit around all day and argue that Alice in Wonderland should be #3 but even after all your reasons, it's a subjective matter and there's no universal right answer.

Why not just have a list of the top works and say "these are important. Read what you will."?

Anyway, while we're on the topic of canons, why not an ANTI-CANON? Like the 100 WORST works that you either 1) should never waste your youth reading or 2) could read just to see how BAD literature can be. I think it'd be great.


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